Another Interview w/ CEO Vernon Neilly of Boosweet Records

Dear Mr. Neilly:
My name is Cristian Villacorta, I am the write rof the independent cultural magazine Arteriasde la Ciudad ( We’re grateful for the opportunity you give us wecan issue a few simple questions: Thank you Cristian is an honor for me to speak to the people here in Argentina through your publication!

1- Why Argentina was chosen to make a next contest Guitar Power?

Because during my last trip to Argentina last year, I became aware of the lack of opportunities for guitar players here in the city of Buenos Aires and Argentina as a whole to have their music go beyond the shores of Argentina, internationally. So I talked with my friend and fellow guitar player Marcelo Roascio who is a well known and respected guitar player and educator here in Argentina and discussed with him the prospect of doing a guitar contest here in Argentina. He informed me that it had never been done before in the history of the music scene here in Argentina, I was shocked at this, but because I have done many contest before in my career, for me it was an easy decision to give a worthy person the chance of recording their music for an internationally distributed label, my label in the USA, Boosweet Records. Marcelo and I then went about the task of putting the contest together and Oct 12, 2011 at the Bauen Auditorium in Buenos Aires, people will see the 10 finalist that were chosen from all over Argentina to compete for the opportunity.

2-What expectationswill cause the next contest?

My expectations are high because the music that was chosen are from talented people here in Argentina who will come to perform their best to have the opportunity to record for a real international record label in the USA. I know that the contestants will prepare to do their best as they should do. The “Guitar Power” has generated a lot of interest here in Argentina because once again, this has never been done before in the history of the music scene here in this country for guitar players, so they have the chance to be a part of music history here in their country!

3-What do you consider when judging a guitarist?

I and the other judges Marcelo Roascio, and Daniel Teles will judge the contestants on performance, sound, composition, stage presence, audience communication, so it is not only about how technically well the players play!

4-What advice can you give young guitarists?

Preperation, Patience, and Perseverance! Believe in yourself and your talent, work hard because the music business is a very difficult business and even more difficult these days, so one has to be focused on their goal to achieve their dreams!

We are looking forward to hearing further from you.
Thank you very much for your time. We are always at your service.

Thank you Cristian it is a true pleasure for me and I look forward to seeing you at “Guitar Power” !

Cristian Villacorta
Arteriasde la Ciudad



Hi, my name is Ramiro Sangari. I´m from Argentina. I want to make you a few questions
about guitar power.  I´m working in a local magazine.

1- How did the contest begin as a project?

Guitar Power began with an idea of mine after my show an clinic here in Buenos Aires and La Plata last year, and seeing that the guitar players here in Argentina needed more opportunity to get their music to an international audience outside of Argentina. I talked with my friend and fellow guitar player who is on my label Boosweet Records in the USA, Marcelo Roascio a well known guitarist and educator here in Argentina about doing a contest and giving as the Grand Prize a record contract with my label. We talked about ideas and I told him of what I had done before for various contests, we created a format and then started to work on putting things in place to make the “Guitar Power” come alive. We have major equipment sponsors from both the USA and Argentina like Seymour Duncan USA (not the local distributor), Xotic Effects, Slap Music(Ernie Ball, Morley), and others. So this is how the idea coma about and now on Oct 12, 2011 the 10 finalist who were selected from different parts of Argentina will play to see who wins the contract!

2- Why did you choose Argentina to do this contest?

Because I felt that there was a definite need for a real opportunity for the guitar players here, there are some really good guitar players and musicians here in Argentina, so why not give an opportunity such as this, that someone will have the chance to have their music heard and sold all over the world!

3- Which skills do you consider important to judge the musicians?

Of course the players will be judged on their playing skills, their execution, but also on their
composition, their sound, their stage presence and audience contact. I have to look at each performer
in a total aspect because this is also business for me, I have to be able to market and promote this
music, so it’s not all about playing ability. I am not interested in only technical ability as a player,
but charisma as a performer!

4- Do you know any musicians or bands from Argentina? How do you feel about them?

I know about some of them from coming here last year and learning more each time I come to Argentina, but there is not much music that gets to the USA from Argentina, so we do not hear a lot there. I went to hear David Le Bon last week and he is an excellent player, performer, composer, there is no doubt in my mind that Argentina like other countries have very talented people, they just do not get the international exposure that other artist in other countries get, but there are very professional and good musicians and artists here.

5- Are you looking for any kind of music or do you prefer some particular gender?

The genre of music is not important to me, but it has to be good and it has to have some sort of commercial benefit to it, I am in the business of selling music, so that always has to be a consideration for me, but that does not mean that the music cannot be original or creative. It just needs to be good!

6- What kind of music did you find among the brazilian music contestants?

Brasil has a totally different culture than Argentina, but I also found some very talented musicians like Miguel Mega who has recorded on 3 of my solo projects and is now an award winning guitarist, Kiko Loureiro from the progressive rock and metal group Angra, Edu Ardanuy from Dr. Sin, Ricky Furlani who is a blues guitarist and has sold many copies in the USA now, it has been mainly rock, blues, and jazz fusion, but with a Brasilian influence definitely whichmakes it original sounding.

7- What brought you to do this contest in Latin American?

Simply to give an opportunity to someone talented who otherwise would never have gotten and opportunity like what “Guitar Power” will produce for them

8- What are your following plans after you leave Argentina?

I am working on a new recording for myself it will be my 5th solo release of my career. I am working on this with someother talented guitar players like I did with my current CD “A Tribute To Stevie Wonder”, people like Greg Howe whoplayed with Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake, Rianna, Enrique Iglesias, George Lynch who was an original memberof Dokken, and has his own solo career with Lynch Mob, and Souls Of We, Victor Johnson guitarist of Sammy Hagars band, and others. I will return to Brasil in November to do some clinics for some companies I endorse there, come back to Argentina to mix and master the recording of the winner of “Guitar Power” then some shows back in the USA to close out the year. Then the NAMM SHOW in January, so I have a busy schedule ahead including running my record label, and my Guitar Global LLC company which sells high quality instruments around the world.

9- What plans do you have for the winner?

The winner will have to start immediately to record his songs in the studio professionally, because as I stated I am coming back to mix and master the CD here, then I will take the master recording back with me to the USA and start the process of getting the music marketed and promoted next year around the world, it is a lot of work so there will be no time to waste to have it ready for a next year release internationally.

10- Besides running this contest, do you have another projects?

Yes many, I talked about most of the current ones in the question that you asked me before, question 5, but there aresome new artist that I am also working with in the USA that we are preparing for release next year also.

That´s all. Thank you very much for your time and kindness! It was a real pleasure to talk to your readers  by way of your publication, and I would like to thank you for your interest in “Guitar Power” it’s going to be a great event as we have gotten a lot of interest in the program!


Dates coming up! Vernon and Marcelo Roascio Tour in Argentina!

Dates coming up! Vernon and Marcelo Roascio Tour in Argentina!

Oct 7 Club Espanol in Caleta Olivia, Santa Cruz
Oct 12 Bauen Auditorium Buenos Aires
Oct 14 Theater in Santiago Del Estero





Boosweet Records & Todo Guitarra y Bajo magazine present:
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The judging panel will do a pre-selection of the material based on these three categories: originality, creativity, and performance. The guitarists for the finals who are chosen, will play their song live for the judges in Auditorio Bauen theater in Buenos Aires city, in October 12th.


The winner of  the “Grand Prize”

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Did you guys see this Write up i got in ALL Access Magazine

All Access Magazine is a print and online Los Angeles rock and metal music magazine keeping local music alive

Vernon Neilly Live In Argentina “Going Down”

Vernon Neilly Guitarist

Award-Winning Recording Artist Vernon Neilly

Vernon Performs “Going Down” during the finale of the show with Argentine guitarists Marcelo Roascio, Carina Alfie, and special guest Bill Hudson of Cellador, Power Quest, and Circle II Circle. Show live at Teatro Santa Maria Buenos Aires

joe satriani steve vai yngwie malmsteen john petrucci vernon neilly vernon reid G3 seymour duncan morley rock guitar concert live music video bill hudson greg howe electric guitar blues classic rock live music live band heavy rock vocal rock banda guitarristas

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MAXX12 “RAW” CD Review

Artist Name= MAXX12
Genre= Rock / Hard Rock
Record Company=Self-Titled Indie



Review=Hey hey hey… Whadda ya say? OK !!! Well as for me, I’m doin’ mighty fine now that I’m sittin’ here rockin’ out to MAXX12 and their NEW Album “RAW”… Yeah, the music is definitely rockin’ hard here. Fans worldwide have been eagerly waiting in anticipation for this new and fresh sounding release. So get it while it’s hot !!!

The CD opens up with “Mongoose (Elephant Memory)” with some Van Halen-esque wammy-bar tribal drum extravaganzas then the guitarz rip into some kool pinch harmonic fuzz driven riff-rhythm groovez… Wow! This is some kewl ride!!! Yeah, if you like Dio, Sammy Hagar, Rainbow, Van Halen, and Deep Purple, then I know U’ll like this jam. This tune will definitely get U off and runnin’ in the right direction.

Now that I’m looking at the back of the CD Case, I notice that legendary Ronnie Montrose has got his handz in on this as Executive Producer… U go Ronnie !!! Now, the soundz, artists, and histories are comin’ together for me.

Next song up to bat is “Race Car”… And let me tell ya, in my mindz eye I can see and smell Talladega SuperSpeedway … I can smell oily odor of the petrol and hear those roar’n engines. A couple laps around the race track with this tune and U are assured to qualify … This should be Nicknamed “the Big One” The checkered flag goes down and is frantically waved. Go go go goooo !!!

Do U remember your “Wild Years” ? Now here is an anathematic tune that will put U into a reflective spirit of your energized foot-loose and fancy free yester-yearz. I really dig the syncopated lush guitar chords on this one. Of course my wild years were the early 80’s and the soundz on this neat tune bring me back to thoze fleeting dayz. This song remindz me of many bandz that were very popular back then. Such as REO Speedwagon and the like. I guarantee U’ll be singin’ right along w/ the chorus before this song finishes on your just first listen.

“Moonshine Runner / Electrified” – Now this tube should have you chug-a-luggin’ down the railroad tracks w/ their hard hitting riffs. I like the way this starts out too… Very acoustic and unplugged. Brake out the voodoo bags, chicken feet and chili powderz. This one would make the members of the 70’s Southern-fried rock band Blackfoot proud.

T. Michael Riddle (Guitarist and Vocalist) and Jon Hampton (Bassist) have joined with Craig Martin (Drummer) to form a new band called Maxx12. The band enlisted the help of well-known guitarist and producer Ronnie Montrose, who you might recognize from his namesake band MONTROSE and from Sammy Hagar’s Marching to Mars solo album, to work on Maxx12’s debut album “Raw”.

The band originally planned on releasing a promotional CD that would include two of its most popular songs, “Race Car” and “Mongoose”. But like rapid fire, MAXX12 has seen more fans showing interest in some of their newer songs, such as “Bad Blood” and “The Mast.” Due to the increased gravitation towards their latest recordings, the band has decided to offer its fans the opportunity to get a limited edition CD, which now includes 8 songs! There are only 500 available at the low price of $10.00 each!

The rest of the songs on this album follow suite as the previous four. “Politico” reminds me of Deep Purple’s Highway Star… U don’t want to miss this beautiful acoustic guitar piece “Heaven” either. Other songs of great interest to me are some of their newer songs on this album, such as “Bad Blood” and “The Mast.”

*** Parting Shot across the Bow >>> I thoroughly enjoyed this musical outing by MAXX12 and I will be looking and listening for more… Remember this is a limited CD offer.

Author=Scott Thomas

Stars=4 Stars out of 5