Artist Name= MAXX12
Genre= Rock / Hard Rock
Record Company=Self-Titled Indie



Review=Hey hey hey… Whadda ya say? OK !!! Well as for me, I’m doin’ mighty fine now that I’m sittin’ here rockin’ out to MAXX12 and their NEW Album “RAW”… Yeah, the music is definitely rockin’ hard here. Fans worldwide have been eagerly waiting in anticipation for this new and fresh sounding release. So get it while it’s hot !!!

The CD opens up with “Mongoose (Elephant Memory)” with some Van Halen-esque wammy-bar tribal drum extravaganzas then the guitarz rip into some kool pinch harmonic fuzz driven riff-rhythm groovez… Wow! This is some kewl ride!!! Yeah, if you like Dio, Sammy Hagar, Rainbow, Van Halen, and Deep Purple, then I know U’ll like this jam. This tune will definitely get U off and runnin’ in the right direction.

Now that I’m looking at the back of the CD Case, I notice that legendary Ronnie Montrose has got his handz in on this as Executive Producer… U go Ronnie !!! Now, the soundz, artists, and histories are comin’ together for me.

Next song up to bat is “Race Car”… And let me tell ya, in my mindz eye I can see and smell Talladega SuperSpeedway … I can smell oily odor of the petrol and hear those roar’n engines. A couple laps around the race track with this tune and U are assured to qualify … This should be Nicknamed “the Big One” The checkered flag goes down and is frantically waved. Go go go goooo !!!

Do U remember your “Wild Years” ? Now here is an anathematic tune that will put U into a reflective spirit of your energized foot-loose and fancy free yester-yearz. I really dig the syncopated lush guitar chords on this one. Of course my wild years were the early 80’s and the soundz on this neat tune bring me back to thoze fleeting dayz. This song remindz me of many bandz that were very popular back then. Such as REO Speedwagon and the like. I guarantee U’ll be singin’ right along w/ the chorus before this song finishes on your just first listen.

“Moonshine Runner / Electrified” – Now this tube should have you chug-a-luggin’ down the railroad tracks w/ their hard hitting riffs. I like the way this starts out too… Very acoustic and unplugged. Brake out the voodoo bags, chicken feet and chili powderz. This one would make the members of the 70’s Southern-fried rock band Blackfoot proud.

T. Michael Riddle (Guitarist and Vocalist) and Jon Hampton (Bassist) have joined with Craig Martin (Drummer) to form a new band called Maxx12. The band enlisted the help of well-known guitarist and producer Ronnie Montrose, who you might recognize from his namesake band MONTROSE and from Sammy Hagar’s Marching to Mars solo album, to work on Maxx12’s debut album “Raw”.

The band originally planned on releasing a promotional CD that would include two of its most popular songs, “Race Car” and “Mongoose”. But like rapid fire, MAXX12 has seen more fans showing interest in some of their newer songs, such as “Bad Blood” and “The Mast.” Due to the increased gravitation towards their latest recordings, the band has decided to offer its fans the opportunity to get a limited edition CD, which now includes 8 songs! There are only 500 available at the low price of $10.00 each!

The rest of the songs on this album follow suite as the previous four. “Politico” reminds me of Deep Purple’s Highway Star… U don’t want to miss this beautiful acoustic guitar piece “Heaven” either. Other songs of great interest to me are some of their newer songs on this album, such as “Bad Blood” and “The Mast.”

*** Parting Shot across the Bow >>> I thoroughly enjoyed this musical outing by MAXX12 and I will be looking and listening for more… Remember this is a limited CD offer.

Author=Scott Thomas

Stars=4 Stars out of 5